Christ Seed Book Available Now Christ Seed Explained

Christ Seed Book Christ Seed Explained

The e-book Christ Seed Explained is finally available!

Christ Seed Book Available – Christ Seed Explained

As of June 2020, Christ Seed Explained e-book is available.
Christ Seed Explained is available only in e-book format.
Information about how to order is below. At this time, you’ll need to contact me personally. Soon, I might have an automated order system, but not yet.
This is the first edition of the book.
It has taken years to get it published. It took years of research, more years of writing, and the final step was getting the beautiful cover designed.
50 pages.



  • The Christ Seed Explained e-book cost is $50.
  • The Christ Seed Report cost is $100 for a report for one year for one person. A summary of the Christ Seed Explained e-book is embedded in your annual Christ Seed Report.
  • Christ Seed Consultation cost by phone or skype is $100 per hour.

How to Order

To order, send me an email or text or phone.

Your contribution is essential to the continuation of this work. You are greatly appreciated.


Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.