Christ Seed Monthly Advisory

Christ Seed Monthly Advisory

When you get your annual Christ Seed Monthly Advisory, you can relax with the certainty that you have the correct timings for your Christ Seeds every month. You also get a cohesive explanation of how to understand the Christ Seed and its implications for your life. When you get your Christ Seed Monthly Advisory, you’ll also get instructions for how to maximize your benefits for your Christ Seed each month.

Christ Seed Monthly Advisory basics

The time of your Christ Seed is a time when you have an opportunity to focus your attention towards your spiritual health. Simply having the knowledge of the timing of your Christ Seeds already establishes some benefit. The more you retain this awareness in your mind, the more you gain. Understanding the physiology of the Christ Seed also increases your benefit. In order to profit more from this auspicious time, it is helpful to employ mindfulness practices and behaviors which create a physical environment which is favorable for the preservation and transmutation of as much of your Christ Seed as possible.

You’ll be empowered because I do the calculations, but

You get the results.

Christ Seed Monthly Advisory: what is included?

  • Your Personal Tables

    For every month, the begin and end dates and times of your Christ Seeds and your Moon Max, the precise moment when the moon has maximal power for you during that month. Also, the timing data for the lunations of that year.

  • Christ Seed Explained e-book summary

    Embedded in your annual Christ Seed Monthly Advisory is a summary version of the Christ Seed Explained e-book. This way, you understand the significance of the Christ Seed and what it’s all about.

  • Instructions

    You’ll become empowered with an understanding of how the power of the Christ Seed is preserved. You’ll know what to do and when to do it. You’ll get spiritual, mental, emotional, breathing, physiological, physical and integration guidelines to focus your attention during the time of your Christ Seeds. By following these guidelines, you can realize the greatest benefit in your life from your Chirst Seed.

Table of Contents – example

Here’s the Table of Contents as an example from a past Christ Seed Monthly Advisory.



Christ Seed Monthly Advisory ordering details

In preparations to run calculations and to produce a Christ Seed Monthly Advisory, here are a few details.

It’s About Time

The Monthly Advisory will contain tables listing times. Most CSMAs include times in two time zones. It is easy to produce reports with one or three time zones. If you desire that, please request it. One time zone is of your current location, which is where you expect to be mostly in the upcoming 12 months. A second time zone is of your birth.

The times listed in the report are pre-adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. This is convenient and works for most people, so there’s no need to think about it. Please inform me if your current location does not follow standard Daylight Saving Time parameters, e.g. AZ.

Needed Info

Needed info:
Birth date & time:
Birth place:
Current time zone:
Birth time zone:


  • The Christ Seed Monthly Advisory cost is $100 for a CSMA for one year for one person. A summary of the Christ Seed Explained e-book is embedded in your annual Christ Seed Monthly Advisory.
  • The Christ Seed Explained e-book cost is $50.
    For info about the Christ Seed book, please click Christ Seed Book Christ Seed Explained.
  • Christ Seed Consultation cost by phone or video call (such as jitsi, signal, zoom, whatsapp, skype, etc.) is $100 per hour.

How to Order

To order, send me an email or text or phone.

Your contribution is essential to the continuation of this work. You are greatly appreciated.

What others have said

"I appreciate how well organized, indexed, and coherent the entire body of information is. Yes, the subject matter is complex and oftentimes can be down-right discouraging, Thankfully, LeRoy extends his assistance throughout the process, ensuring all questions are thoroughly and satisfactorily addressed.
By leveraging a refined tool for spiritual transmutation that is accessible to anyone possessing the desire and will to apply the information, LeRoy’s work is a testament to his ongoing dedicated service to mankind."
Christopher, Española, NM


"After I got my Christ Seed Report, I knew for the first time when to expect my next Christ Seed. Without this information, I was unable to prepare myself. Having this information gave me a huge advantage because I have a busy schedule like most people. Knowing when it is coming has eliminated fear and allows me to reframe things. This includes dietary changes, fasting and prayer. Being in the right mindset and preparing my body or “temple” allows me to get the full power of love, joy and inspiration from my monthly Christ Seed. Not knowing my Christ Seed timing has been detrimental. Not knowing when it will come has even caused me to miss my Christ Seed entirely. I now know what to expect and when to expect it. This has given me the maximum benefit from the blessing God gives us through the Christ Seed."
Anneka, Oklahoma

Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.