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I’m making this blog post to let you know that I just updated a page Christ Seed Timing Christ Seed Calculation on my website Please click on the link to check it out. So far, I’ve given this page a face-lift, a redesign. This is a work in progress. More improvements to come in the upcoming days on this page. For your convenience, a portion of that page is below.

One helpful change to note is the addition of a Table of Contents example. Here’s that upfront.

Additionally, I have modified some server settings. So, everything should go a little more smoothly. The site still needs a lot of work. I will continue to make improvements.

Below is a sneak peak, a preliminary, unformatted view of this page. Again, please click on the link Christ Seed Timing Christ Seed Calculation on my website to see this page and look for other pages soon as I add pages into this section.

Christ Seed Monthly Advisory

Christ Seed Monthly Advisory

When you get your annual Christ Seed Monthly Advisory, you can relax with the certainty that you have the correct timings for your Christ Seeds every month. You also get a cohesive explanation of how to understand the Christ Seed and its implications for your life. When you get your Christ Seed Monthly Advisory, you’ll also get instructions for how to maximize your benefits for your Christ Seed each month.

Christ Seed Monthly Advisory basics

The time of your Christ Seed is a time when you have an opportunity to focus your attention towards your spiritual health. Simply having the knowledge of the timing of your Christ Seeds already establishes some benefit. The more you retain this awareness in your mind, the more you gain. Understanding the physiology of the Christ Seed also increases your benefit. In order to profit more from this auspicious time, it is helpful to employ mindfulness practices and behaviors which create a physical environment which is favorable for the preservation and transmutation of as much of your Christ Seed as possible.

You’ll be empowered because I do the calculations, but

You get the results.

Christ Seed Monthly Advisory: what is included?

  • Your Personal Tables

    For every month, the begin and end dates and times of your Christ Seeds and your Moon Max, the precise moment when the moon has maximal power for you during that month. Also, the timing data for the lunations of that year.

  • Christ Seed Explained e-book summary

    Embedded in your annual Christ Seed Monthly Advisory is a summary version of the Christ Seed Explained e-book. This way, you understand the significance of the Christ Seed and what it’s all about.

  • Instructions

    You’ll become empowered with an understanding of how the power of the Christ Seed is preserved. You’ll know what to do and when to do it. You’ll get spiritual, mental, emotional, breathing, physiological, physical and integration guidelines to focus your attention during the time of your Christ Seeds. By following these guidelines, you can realize the greatest benefit in your life from your Chirst Seed.

Table of Contents – example

Here’s the Table of Contents as an example from a past Christ Seed Monthly Advisory.



Christ Seed Monthly Advisory ordering details

In preparations to run calculations and to produce a Christ Seed Monthly Advisory, here are a few details.

It’s About Time